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  • Billboard pipe supplied by Alpha Pipe

    Billboard pipe supplied by Alpha Pipe.

  • Please call Alpha Pipe for all of your new or used steel pipe needs!

    Please call Alpha Pipe for all of your new or used steel pipe needs!


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  • Steel pipe has so many different uses!

    Steel pipe has so many different uses!

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Steel pipe is used in the dredging process to keep our rivers, lakes and ports navigable for boats and barges by maintaining the water levels so that even the largest ships can operate. The dredges use suction to remove built-up sediment from the bottom and pump it through the dredge pipe to the shore or other set up area to keep the channel navigable. This type of steel pipe is also used in the mining of minerals and metals. The steel pipe is attached to pumps that suck like a huge vacuum to dredge up the material, which is then removed or processed. Due to the nature of the material being dredged and its erosive properties, the steel pipe must be thicker and harder than for other types of applications. Alpha Pipe is able to answer all of your questions about dredge pipe and help you consider money-savings alternatives for your dredge pipe needs.

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Alpha Pipe Company is proud to have supplied the steel pipe used in thousands of projects over the years.

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I wanted to personally thank Alpha Pipe for the outstanding pricing and service that you have always provided us. Because of your ability to source the material we needed at a competitive price and deliver it to us on an on timely schedule, we were able to secure and maintain an excellent customer that provided our fab shop with years of profitable work.
David H.
Alpha Pipe bends over backwards for us every time we call! They makes things happen. When we started our company they made the process so easy! They are the only company we call!
Richard S.