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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 19:00

Structural Steel Pipe: Types & Applications

Outdoor advertising is still the top way to reach consumers 24/7/365. But beyond the awesome creativity, stunning lights and great visibility, there is something extremely important holding up these shortened message – steel pipe. Structural pipe and high quality used steel pipe are often utilized in outdoor advertising.

In general, structural pipe is a type of steel construction pipe that meets certain standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties. This pipe can be used for a wide variety of structural applications and there are a variety of types of structural pipe available. In addition to billboards, structural pipes can be used as structural supports, dock piles, and road bore casings.

There are a few common types of structural pipes all of which can be utilized for outdoor advertising as well as many other applications:

ERW Steel Pipe: This structural pipe is typically known to the construction industry as high quality line pipe and it is commonly used by the oil and utility companies. This steel pipe can be used for sign pole, column, dock, and tunnel construction.

Spiral Steel Pipe: This is an economical and durable type of structural pipe that offers long lasting durability for things like road casing, piling and trenches.

DSAW Carbon Steel Pipe: This structural pipe is welded on both the OD and the ID. It is available in many different grades and is used for road casing, road boring, culverts, and more.

Seamless Steel Pipe: Seamless steel structural pipe is a durable pipe product that is commonly used for dock piling, pipe piling, caissons, and bollards.

Fence Pipe: This is a type of structural pipe that is becoming popular for building fences because of its high durability and strength. This structural pipe is used for enclosing parks, parking lots, and more.

Culvert Pipe: This type of pipe is not necessary a high quality or extremely durable structural pipe, but rather is used by construction companies for diverting water under and around driveways, water and sewer systems, drainage systems, and temporary bridges.  Culvert pipe is also commonly used in farming and irrigation projects.

Alpha Pipe Company takes pride in their structural pipe offerings. We have the knowledge to offer money saving alternatives in structural pipe for your project.  For questions, please contact us at 800-860-0599.

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