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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 09:49

United States New Steel Tariffs

One of the major stories circulating the world right now is how will the new implemented tariffs on imported steel and aluminum impact us as a nation and our economy?  There are so many different opinions when it comes to President Trump's new steel and aluminum tariffs.  Personally, I don't think that question is easily answered right now, as we have to see what happens over time, but I do have a few reasons why I think it will be a good thing for a company like Alpha Pipe.

Right around 1/3 of all steel used in the United States is imported per year.  Private construction jobs were known for taking recycled (used) or surplus steel to help save on cost, but that has changed over the past 3-5 years.  The used/surplus pipe market is one that Alpha Pipe has built a strong base on.  We help companies all around North America save money on job costs by selling them used or surplus steel for their job sites.  This has become much harder to do since China and other countries can import their steel at such cheap rates.  The past 5 or so years, our used pipe has been competing with imported new prime pipe.  As you can imagine, many companies would rather have the new prime imported pipe over the recycled/used pipe since the prices are very comparable.  Because of that, the market for recycled/used pipe has shrunk immensely.

Once the new tariffs are set in place, there are many new opportunities for Alpha Pipe to sell our used inventory to different construction companies.  At this point, our pricing looks much more desirable and far below the imported steel competition.  We think with the tariffs coming into place, that Alpha Pipe will be able to go back to our roots and start selling much more used pipe again.

Thursday, 01 May 2014 14:54

Recycling Steel Pipe

The practice of refurbishing used steel pipe is a type of recycling that most people don't think about. There are thousands of miles of underground pipe in place all across the U.S.  A big part of Alpha Pipe's business is partnering with pipeline contractors to take up pipelines which are not being used.  When the pipe is dug up out of the ground, Alpha Pipe is on site to cut, clean and sort the pipe. This pipe is then resold for various uses: pipe piling, casing pipe, trestle, falsework, drainage, culvert pipe, irrigation - just to name a few.

This pipe has usually been in service for a number of years and needs to be replaced for various reasons. The fact that it might not be a good fit for it's original intention doesn't mean that the pipe cannot be used for many different applications.  The pipe is still strong and Alpha Pipe sorts their used pipe to make sure that any pipe that is damaged or aged beyond use is scrapped.

A lot of companies can save money by choosing used steel pipe for their construction needs. The average savings over using new steel pipe ranges from 30% to 50%.

Does this make Alpha Pipe Co a "green" company - YES we think it does.  Alpha Pipe is here to help you understand how to consider used steel pipe as an alternate for all of your steel pipe needs.

Here are a few pictures of used pipe from pipeline take-up jobs:

12x375 used steel pipe

used steel pipe

As you can see, this pipe is still in great condition and ready to be used again.

What do you think of using used steel pipe as an alternate to new pipe in order to not only be "Green" but save money?

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